Shipyard Surveys

We inspect shipyards on behalf of mortgage banks, investors and ship owners etc. to assess the condition, capacity and quality of a newbuilding yard before a newbuilding contract is signed.

Service Provided

Globally conducted.

Assessments are conducted by our experienced surveyors with a broad knowledge of the shipyard industry. We have examined more than 150 shipyards worldwide to date, mainly in China, but also in countries such as India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and many more.

Scope of Assessment

Interviews with shipyard management team.

Evaluation according to JH-143 criteria possible.

Visual examination of yard facilities and machinery, including inspection of capacities of docks, cranes, and slipways.

Brief quality check of newbuildings or parts of newbuildings.

Evaluation of yard management and yard equipment.

Disclosure of yard deficiencies or location problems of the yard.


Detailed analysis of the available technical information provided by the shipyard.

Appropriate consideration of the economic and organisational aspects and processes of the yard.

History and location of the shipyard.

Cooperation of the yard with its subcontractors.

Business lines of the shipyard other than shipbuilding, e.g. engine manufacturing.

Inclusion of the customer base, references and order volumes.

Quality description of new ship constructions.

Final evaluation of the shipyard.

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