About Us

WESELMANN, Maritime Expertise since 1947.

Since 1947, WESELMANN has been a beacon of maritime expertise, headquartered in the vibrant maritime hub of Hamburg, Germany.

Our Expertise: From ship valuations and damage surveys to repair supervision and follow-up surveys for newly built vessels of all kinds, our technical consultancy services cater to diverse needs in the shipping industry.

Our Values: Independence, objectivity, speed, fairness, and honesty define WESELMANN's ethos. We safeguard your survey results with utmost confidentiality. Our aim is to develop and maintain a long-term and trusting business relationship with our customers.

Our Team: A dedicated team of naval architects, marine and mechanical engineers, captains, shipping economists, and shipbrokers works tirelessly on your behalf.

Global Support: With a 24/7 global presence, we stand ready for assignments worldwide, including unconventional requests. Count on us for reliable, efficient, and professional guidance on all your technical shipping queries.

Meticulous Reports: Our detailed reports in German and English come with an extensive photo documentation.

Our Clients: Ship financing banks, shipping investment funds, owners, shipyards, underwriters, courts and arbitrators.

Certified Excellence: Accredited by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, WESELMANN is your trusted publicly sworn ship appraiser.


WESELMANN's Story and Milestones

1947 Founded by Naval Architect Adolf Weselmann, our design and naval architecture office has spearheaded the design of approximately 700 ships globally over four decades. You can explore our ship designs in the illustrated book "Mit Weselmann ging es voran (With Weselmann proceeding ahead)." In addition to design, we conducted evaluations and damage surveys.

1965 Naval Architect and Engineer Gerd Weselmann joined us, bringing his work experience from Technical University Hannover, J.J. Henry Co. in New York, and KG Norderwerft GmbH.

1987 Marine Engineer Bernd Holst joined us following his seafaring and engine repair roles at Blohm & Voss shipyard. That year, the company shifted focus to banking evaluations and damage surveys.

1997 Bernd Holst became a partner and co-owner of Ingenieurbüro Weselmann.

2004 Bernd Holst was officially sworn-in as a ship valuation and damage expert by the Chamber of Commerce, Hamburg.

2005 Bernd Holst lectured at "Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Bankakademie / HfB" within the study course "Ship Financing" and co-authored "Grundlagen der Schiffsfinanzierung (Fundamentals of Ship Financing)."

2006 Bernd Holst became chairman of the Society of German Marine Experts.

2009 We transformed into Ingenieurbüro Weselmann GmbH and established Weselmann Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong.

2012 Our Scandinavian office, Weselmann Scandinavia ApS, was inaugurated.

2015 We evolved into GmbH & Co. KG. Introducing WeselmannValue GmbH and our automatic ship valuation system for various vessel types.

2018 We launched an online Reporting System with a unique inspection report and vessel grading on our homepage.

2020 In response to COVID-19, we introduced Remote Survey, expanding our service portfolio.




The following picture gallery is a selection of vessels, designed by design office Adolf Weselmann:

1. MV "Anton Wilhelm" was built in 1950/51 at the Lühring shipyard in Brake for the Anton Boyksen shipping company and in 1955 the shipyard extended and increased it. Original deadweight 460 tdw.

2. MS "Vaterland" - one of the first quarter deckers designed by the engineering office Adolf Weselmann. Built: 1954 by the Stader shipyard.

3. & 4. MV “Gunda” built by the Stader shipyard and MV “Möwe I”, built by the Alfred Hagelstein shipyard, Travemünde.

5. & 6. MS "ILRI" is the first new building by a West German shipping company (Hamburg) on ​​a shipyard in the GDR, namely shipping company Barthold Richters at the Neptun shipyard in Rostock, delivery 18.12.1958. Design Weselmann.

7. The tender “Mazdoor“ was built in 1965 by the shipyard Joh. Oelkers.

8. In 1967 the “Rebena” was launched in Stade, which received much public attention.

9.“Elbe”, largest tug in the port of Hamburg, Shipyard: Oelkers - 1967, Shipping Company: Schiffahrts- und Speditionskontor Elbe.