Factory Acceptance Tests

We provide this service to numerous shipyards and protect their interests during FAT to ensure the quality and conformance of equipment purchased from the supplier to specifications.

Scope of assessment

Detailed inspection that the supplier's device meets the requirements and functions stated in the data sheet, specification and purchase order after completion of the manufacturing process.

Includes all ship-related equipment such as engines, thrusters, boilers, evaporators, etc. for standard tonnage as well as large cruise ships and sophisticated luxury yachts.

Advice on the collection and preparation of documents.

Constant dialogue with shipyards and suppliers.

Monitoring of completeness and quality.

Verification against contractual requirements.

Final inspection of equipment and components during the testing process.

Consultation regarding the production process and possible improvements.


Reports are prepared according to the customer's requirements.

Reports can be submitted in the customer's report form or in a Weselmann template.

The signed final report includes images and supporting documentation.

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