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Welcoming Klaus Dammann as Co-Managing Director! As of December 1, 2023, Klaus Dammann joins us as Co-Managing Director alongside owner Bernd Holst. With a background in mechanical engineering and business administration, Klaus brings valuable experience and a fresh perspective.

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Weselmann in the News @ HANSA  - International Maritime Journal 01/2021 - : Interesting interview about shipping market developments with our chief analyst Christiane Wittig @ HANSA – International Maritime Journal - Please read the article Bank-driven sales no longer »major influence« here:

Weselmann in the News @ HANSA

Tightening of EU Valuation Guidelines

European Banking Authority (EBA) has recently released a set of new and more restrictive guidelines on loan origination and monitoring. In this interview, managing director Bernd Holst explains the impact these rules will have on ship valuation from 2021 onward.

...and all involved for the construction and delivery of the good vessel MV BraveWind, delivered from Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard, China.

Congratulations to owner, manager, supervisors, crew, shipyard..

Well done Captain...

Tandem towage safely arrived to destination. Well done Captain, Crew and DONMAR Team!


Remote Vessel Assessment - Online Reports - Our Solution To Handle Corona Restrictions

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News @ShipManagement International:

Towage Approval

We have a wealth of international experience in towage approvals and heavy-lift supervision. Prior to operations being carried out, we provide assessments to satisfy underwriters and owners and ensure all procedures meet the appropriate criteria.

Assessments include a desktop evaluation and check of the towage plan and procedures together with a recommendation, as well an on-site technical inspection of the vessel and towing/lift arrangement.

We are also authorized to carry out inspections and issue certificates on behalf of Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and German Inland Waterways Authorities (ZSUK).

Our surveyors just completed 9 condition surveys of paddle wheel steamers. The paddle steamer "Kurort Rathen" (picture) was build 1896 at Dresden Blasewitz.

Special jobs require special expertise.

News @ DVZ

Nice interview in German only with our chief analyst Christiane Wittig in the DVZ - Deutsche Verkehrszeitung.

... for a condition survey in Rotterdam

Perfect conditions...