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Remote Vessel Assessment - Online Reports - Our Solution To Handle Corona Restrictions

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With COVID-19 causing travel restrictions and social distancing, remote surveys and inspection procedures have proven to be a viable alternative to the physical ship-inspections.

That’s according to marine survey and valuation firm WESELMANN, which has has developed a remote survey system, which provides a technical assessment of the asset/vessel.

The evaluations and assessments are made by an inhouse team of technical experts (Marine Surveyors, Engineers, Naval Architects) and based on the analytics, information and data made available by owner/manager/crew. This includes technical data, class records, engine/machineries performance-reports, overhauling data, oil analyses, port/flag state controls, ISM records, etc., as well as information and documentation provided directly by the vessel such as photos, film-recordings, customized crew-checklists, interviews with crew and superintendents, etc.

WESELMANN says it is continuing to resource physical surveys and on-site attendances, however during the past months, this kind of remote assessment system has turned out be a suitable as well as quick and cost-effective alternative to obtain an initial assessment of the technical condition of vessel.

Remote assessment can be made for all types of vessels and the report can additional be attached with valuation. Reports have been used for financing purpose as well as hand-over.

The Remote-assessment-report is issued with comprehensive and supporting photos and documentation and accessible to client online.

According to Bernd Holst, CEO and owner of WESELMANN, the new remote survey system also marks how the firm has continuously being innovating with implementation of digital processes in order to provide the best technical offering to our clients – also during the current industry challenges.

He told SMI: “Remote assessment cannot replace the physical inspection and hands-on technical evaluation made by an experienced and thorough surveyor, however it is good alternative and can in many cases provide a sufficient assessment to fulfill the requirement of the client.”

In addition, he  pointed out that the remote inspection scheme also provides an excellent opportunity to establish a regular and cost-efficient, though still reliable, condition/performance monitoring-system on board a ship, which can be used by owners, banks, investors or other relevant parties.

WESELMANN is one of the largest specialised providers of ship-valuations and technical consultancy services/surveys for ship-financing banks, owners, underwriters, as well as investors within the shipping industry. The company was founded in 1947, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and has local offices in Scandinavia and Asia.

It offers, with its dedicated in-house team of marine engineers, naval architects, ship-brokers and shipping-economists,  a wide range of consultancy services for the shipping industry, including ship-valuations, shipping market analyses, OPEX analyses damage and condition surveys, Technical risk monitoring, due-diligence assessments, and repair/newbuilding supervision.

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