We provide inspections and general supervision services for the technical departments of shipping companies.

Service Provided

Short- or long-term assignments, which may include regular fleet inspections, handling ad hoc technical matters, supervising constructions and organizing necessary repairs, etc.

With a solid background covering all classes of ship management and a solid experience in supervision and monitoring services for a range of projects, our team has all the technical expertise needed to meet the client's requirements.

Supervision Services

Heavy Lift Supervision: Heavy lift supervision is a service in which we have extensive international experience and our experience extends to complex lifting operations of military vehicles to be transported on cargo vessels. Assessments include a desktop evaluation of procedures along with recommendations and an on-site technical inspection of the vessel and lifting equipment. Prior to implementation, we conduct assessments to clarify the respective requirements of insurers and owners. This enables us to ensure that all procedures are carried out properly.

Attendance of Repairs and Regular Dockings: Ship owners benefit from our technical expertise by calling us in for vessel repairs and docking. Supervision of repairs and docking requirements can be undertaken for parts of the process or for the entire process. Throughout the restoration process until final invoice approval, we are in constant communication and liaison with shipping companies, owners, shipyards, repairers, etc. Our service portfolio includes: Preparation of repair and docking specifications, Physical presence during the repair and docking process, Supervision of repairs and dockings, Cost control and invoice approval for repairs and dockings.

Supervision of New Constructions: Weselmann can provide experienced supervisors or supervision teams for new construction as needed. Projects can range from minor construction for vessel conversions or heavy lift installations to supervision of new construction or conversions. Our service portfolio includes: Shipyard inspection and valuation, Specification remarks and negotiations, Plan approval and selection maker, Establishment of supervision of the team, Administrative and human resources support to the team, Technical and coordination support to the team, Supervision of the warranty period after the delivery of the vessel.

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