Marine Consultancy Services

Since Weselmann was founded in 1947, we have built up decades of experience in the field of maritime consulting.

Our Service

We provide Marine Consultancy Services tailormade to our clients' requirements. 

Our knowledge spans Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture related to design, calculations, drawings, supervision, advisory services and, with the expansion of the company, we now also cover commercial and operational aspects.

Our Service Portfolio

Supervision and Audit of Shipmanagement: We carry out audits of ship management companies on behalf of ship owners and banks/investors to allow the customer to review the standard of the procedures implemented and their execution. Through interviews and the review of data and documentation, audits are made at the office of the manager. In order to evaluate the performance of the manager also from a technical aspect, most audits include a physical inspection of one or more of the vessels managed by the company. Audits can be combined with OPEX screenings. Summary of assessment results in a report with additional documentation from the audit, ship survey, data analysis, etc.

Due Diligence: Over the years, we have frequently been involved in evaluating technical and commercial aspects of due diligence for various shipping projects, ranging from a single transaction to major valuations of entire fleets and operations. This includes standard and specialized tonnage, such as fleet/operations valuations of the largest ferry owners, as well as the tugboat business.

Expert Witness and Advisory: Over the years, our experts and technical advisors have represented international clients in countless disputes and arbitrations related to both in-service and newbuildings, and have participated in court proceedings in Germany as well as in the UK, Denmark and Singapore. Investigating accidents is important to determine who is at fault and to prevent a recurrence. Several of our employees are sworn experts for ship damage appointed by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

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