Remote Surveys & Monitoring

A remote survey is an equivalent alternative to a physical inspection. However, if a physical inspection of a ship is not possible due to the sailing area or for other reasons, a remote survey is even the better alternative.


Service Provided

Standard solution developed by us for the remote condition assessment of a ship.

Attractive price due to non-existent travel costs.

Climate-friendly inspection, as the assessment is carried out digitally.

Remote surveys are organised at our sites by our technical experts and digitally accompanied by close consultation with the crew on board.

Scope of Assessment

Can be discussed and defined in accordance with the customer's needs.

Assessments and evaluations based on the photos, analysis, information and data provided. This includes technical data, class records, performance reports, overhaul data, port/flag state inspections, ISM records, etc.

If regular remote surveys are required, we will draw up a list of the required information and data with the corresponding time intervals.


Delivery of a report with the evaluation.

The report formats can be customised according to the available data and the client's requirements.

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