Newbuilding Follow-up Surveys

In order to provide our customers with an independent assessment of the new ships under construction, we carry out follow-up inspections of the ships at the various stages of construction.

Service Provided

Providing reliable, independent information about the construction process and the quality of the new building to banks, shipping companies, investment funds, etc. and ensuring that the process is synchronized with banks' release of installments. 

Conducted globally.

Scope of Inspection

Coordination of construction progress with the construction schedule and the planned construction costs, including labor costs and costs for deliveries/construction time control.

Quality control of new buildings.

Performance control of the construction yard.

External and independent review of the construction supervision of the new building.

Inspection of the new construction process in accordance with the bank's payments rates.


Detailed analysis with information and documentation on compliance with the construction quality, the construction process and the construction schedule is prepared.

Documentation of the efficiency of the yard.

Evaluation of risks related to quality and delivery date.

Detailed photo documentation.

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