Condition Surveys

Scope of Inspection

Carried out for all types of commercially operated vessels.

Determining the overall technical and operational condition of a vessel and, if necessary, conducting a risk assessment and assessing potential repairs or a maintenance backlog. Examination of ship certificates, class records, maintenance records, and operational records.

Thorough examination of relevant accessible areas of the vessel such as cargo spaces, ballast tanks, engine/maintenance spaces, bridge, decks, shell plating, cabins, public spaces, etc.

Cooperation with the crew for a better review and evaluation.


A thorough report with a clear overview of findings and conclusions is provided.

Within the timeframe requested by the client.

Includes documentation of all technical ship data, validity of certificates, class files, maintenance documentation, measurements, oil analyses etc. (as far as available) and a detailed description of the condition of all inspected areas.

Rating system giving clients a clear impression of the condition found.

Assessment of necessary repairs or maintenance backlog including cost estimation for their elimination.

Assessment of possible risks in relation to compliance with forthcoming regulations.

Comprehensive photo documentation.

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