Customized Services

We offer an extensive range of customized services to meet our clients’ needs.


Valuation can be done using a combination of approaches, taking into account both OPEX analysis and vessel condition. We work closely with our clients to decide which approach is best suited to provide an independent and informed valuation. In the case of specialty tonnage, we often use a combination of valuation approaches.

With our expertise, we are able to evaluate detailed data and information to provide a solid valuation of specialty vessels such as luxury yachts, ocean and river cruise ships, dredgers, livestock carriers and offshore structures, etc. Even though the S&P market is limited.

We are your contact when it comes to more extensive analyses. Due to our good network and our very experienced employees, who have decades of experience in the shipping industry and our extensive economic and technical knowledge of the shipping industry, you are well advised with us. Just give us a call or email us and then we will discuss everything else.

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