Shipyard Surveys

To provide an insight into the new building yard´s condition, capacity and quality before a contract is placed, our company inspects shipyards on behalf of ship mortgage banks and owners.

Our company surveyed more than 120 shipyards worldwide so far, mainly in China. Inspections of further shipyards are still ongoing.


  • Banks, ship owners, investment funds, KG houses, etc.


  • Interviews with shipyard management
  • Visual inspection of yard facilities and machinery, including checking of capacities of docks, cranes, and slipways
  • Brief quality check of new buildings or parts of new buildings
  • Appraisal of yard management and yard equipment
  • Disclosure of yard deficiencies or location problems of yard


  • Detailed report of yard´s available technical main data
  • Consideration of economical and organizational aspects of the yard
  • History and location of the shipyard
  • Cooperation between shipyard and other business partners of the yard
  • Branches of business
  • Inclusion of references and order volume
  • Brief quality description of ship new buildings
  • Concluding assessment of yard