Damage Surveys

Damage Surveys on Ships and Harbour Facilities, Environmental Damages and Water Pollutions as well as of Collisions, Organization of Salvage Operations and Environmental Cleaning Works


  • Hull and LOH underwriters, P&I clubs, insurance broker, shipping companies, banks, shipyards, operators of harbour facilities, courts


  • Survey of technical hull and machinery damages
  • Survey of environmental / water pollution damages and organization of abolishment / waste clean up
  • Survey of collisions, as far as possible ascertainment of collision angle and further collision parameters
  • Organisation and survey of salvage operations
  • Survey of technical damages and third party liability claims at harbor facilities
  • Consideration of actuarial underwriting questions
  • Fast and efficient claims handling
  • Analysis, valuation and determination of cause of damage
  • Detailed examiniation of casualty
  • Compilation of repair specification
  • Tendering of required repairs
  • Evaluation of required repair work, cost of repairs and duration of repairs
  • Damage related auditing of repair accounts
  • Inspections are conducted worldwide


  • Extensive reports, including all relevant statements and documentation regarding the damage
  • Fast damage handling
  • Statements / reports about course of damage and discovered damages
  • Statements / reports about cause of damage and costs of repairs
  • Compilation of damage taxes / reports including checking of the reasonable damage account