Ship Valuations

As independent marine experts and valuators our company provides market valuations for new buildings and second hand vessels.

Our company works closely with and for many ship financing banks in Germany and abroad. In addition we operate as independent technical consultants for these banks as well as for several national and international shipping companies, ship owners, KG houses and underwriters.


  • Banks, ship owners, investment funds, KG houses, underwriters, capital procurement -agencies, courts, etc.

We evaluate the following ships within merchant shipping:

  • All types of inland-water-way and ocean-going vessels as well as passenger vessels, off-shore vessels, special vessels, floating docks, jack-up platforms, etc.
  • Ingenieurb├╝ro Weselmann carries out over 13000 evaluations annually.


  • Ships market valuations with and without physical inspection
  • The valuations can include or exclude the incorporation of charter rates
  • Qualified technical appraisal of ships
  • Consideration of technical ship details
  • Evaluation of average charter rates and average operational cost
  • Compilation of several years time series of market value and time charter rate development for different ships types and ships ages
  • Compilation of market analysis for different ships types

Basic principles of our evaluation:

  • Access to internal databases with over 44.000 data records, daily updated
  • Analysis of published ship values
  • Ongoing daily market observation
  • Compilation of expertise according to guidelines for publicly appointed and sworn experts
  • Observance of legal requirements and bank-internal ships mortgage regulations

Compilation of expertise:

  • Depending on to the clients individual requirements, reports can be compiled detailed or as short desktop evaluation report
  • Depending on individual order of principal: Evaluation of market value, time charter rates, operational cost, time series, etc.